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Our Mission

To help players and clubs take control of their futures by matching their talents, skills and strengths to find exactly what they're looking for.

Rugby continues to grow. The quality of players coming through school, universities and club programmes is increasing, yet this talent pool has very few ways of finding the best playing opportunities.

And clubs suffer too. With most players finding their way to a club through personal networks—or in some cases, agents—the right players can simply pass them by.

Our own experience of playing professional rugby, missing out on contracts and then trying to find the right level - and club - to play for led us to develop MyPlayerBase.

It's our way of helping others to avoid some of the frustrations and hardships of staying in the game we all love.

Why did we set this up?

Rugby programs in schools, universities and clubs are generating better and better players year after year and the pool of these players struggling to find the right club continues to increase. As the growth in rugby increases the playing pool needs to be matched with the right opportunities for clubs and players to realise their potential. Until myplayerbase, we have found the way players and clubs find each other hasn’t kept pace.

Many connections are still made through personal networks or at the higher end through agents. Opportunities for players and clubs alike are limited through many barriers and although some players are brave enough to reach out to clubs themselves, many settle because of the fear of the unknown!

We (Peter and Neil) both were lucky enough to forge a career in rugby, albeit not at the highest level. We have both experienced the hardships of not gaining professional contracts and the 'tough to listen to' conversations from coaches. The journey back to find a level for us to play at was difficult, awkward and at times didn’t seem as though it was possible.

With this platform we will make the journey for players and clubs easier.

Sign up today and be in control of your own rugby future.